Tarot and Astrology

With the Age of Aquarius approaching, we must ask ourselves how we, as individuals, contribute to society, and how we, society as a group, can make an impact on our future.

For many people, aspects of the material world have left a light shining in on the abyss of the spiritual side of life. Calling attention to this void, we can observe a shifting of social values on both the micro and macro cosmic levels.

Whether it be through the latest discoveries in science, philosophy or religious teachings, we are searching for the same thing; we are synthesizing varied doctrines in the hope of extracting shared kernels of truth. When we allow ourselves to let go of our ego-centered needs and drives, we are simultaneously creating a space in our psyches where we can travel to higher planes of consciousness. Accessing answers that already lie within each and every one of us, we are able to delve deeply into the mysteries of our lives.

Exploring esoteric knowledge requires availability to receive information through channels of communication that challenge the concrete mind. One must embrace this territory -- and allow it to elevate our spirit to higher levels of being. Astrology and Tarot cards, considered to be part of the occult sciences, stand firmly both alone and together offering wisdom through awareness.

The science of Astrology allows us to objectify our human qualities and behaviors, put them under a microscope, and make ourselves intangibly visible. When we can understand ourselves better, it is then when we can understand the dynamics we help create with other people in our everyday life.

The interplay that is present during a Tarot card reading stems from an intuitive level and the shared energies between the participants. These artfully created cards are pictoral images of human energies that are used as tools to stimulate our intuition in relation to our emotional and spiritual state of mind at that particular moment in time. Combining elements of Kabbalah, numerology, art and astrology Tarot cards help unfold answers to questions that our subconscious mind keeps under lock and key.

Why are some people drawn to each other at first sight? Why do some people seem to be irritants without ever having spoken a word? Why do some relationships seem to be effortless and others feel like a roller coaster ride? Hidden forces are at work, and we are merely acting out the roles we were given at birth. By interpreting astrological signs, planets and the relationships involved, we hold the key to the door of understanding and deeper truths. It is always free will that determines on which side of the door we are standing when the lights come on.

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